Western Wellness Adventures
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About Western Wellness Adventures


I learned early on that nature heals and adventure keeps me in wonder and ignites my passion for life!  I have lived seeking out both and what a fulfilling life it has been, even amidst its trials and tribulations.  Choices in life have allowed me to be a world adventurer, an avid backpacker, hiker, trekker, mountain climber, skier, horseman and entrepreneur.  Passions have been fueled by my love affair with nature and a great zest for life.  My name is Juniper Campbell and I am the owner and main facilitator of Western Wellness Adventures.

My Arizona private practice focuses on a holistic approach to mental health and well-being.  As a counselor and coach I support, educate and encourage clients to making positive changes towards a more balanced life that supports their goals and dreams.  Helping people rise out of their suffering to live purposeful lives from a place of wellness of body, mind and spirit, feeds my soul and gives my life deeper meaning.

Relationships with Horses


Horses have been some of the most powerful tools and allies in my therapy practice and my own growth.  The most profound sessions that I conduct are hands down sessions involving horses.  I have been working in the field of equine learning/therapy since its early years of inception and have helped to pioneer multiple programs over the past decade.  It is a life long journey to truly understand a horse and one that I cannot seem to escape, with no complaints!


Three Elements of Western Wellness Adventures


Western Wellness Adventures is predominantly an equine based program. If you have been fortunate enough to have lived a life around horses, it is evident  that horses heal humans. There are profound moments that happen to those of us who have had the honor of experiencing the power of horses; moments that can change us forever.  Horses serves as our allies and teachers at Western Wellness Adventures.  When you take the time to slow down, to listen and to connect with these amazing animals, you might be surprised what you discover within yourself.


At one time, almost everything we did was tied to our connection with nature.    For the most part, we are disconnected from the one thing that was once our life source. The more dependent on technology we become, the more nature we need.  We are driven by mechanical time (deadlines to meet, kids to be picked up from soccer, dinner time, waking time, etc.) yet our minds and our bodies are driven by biological time and we are out of synchronicity.

Countless studies are surfacing that show the importance and benefits of integrating nature into our daily lives.  It is a walk in the wood yet it is more so about swimming in our senses, activating our minds and immersing ourselves in nature. These natural environments seem to stimulate our ability to be more relaxed, present, creative; allowing us to think clearer and pay closer attention to the world around us.  Time spent in nature cultivates a state of holistic balance and growth through a nourishing interaction.


We often think of wellness as being free of illness yet it is much more encompassing.   It is about making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life through a dynamic process of change and growth.  It is a conscious development of the whole self through acquiring tools and resources to make you a healthier and happier human being.  Wellness is about finding the perfect balance between the responsibilities and life duties we must all manage and the joy and splendor that life has to offer when we choose to experience it.


The program is facilitated by myself (Juniper Campbell) and my skilled team of experienced professionals that happen to be cowboys, cowgirls, adventurers, world travelers and kick ass people.  As a collective, we create a unique and life altering Western Wellness Adventure experience.  This is not a stuffy experience.


Western Wellness Adventures is an opportunity to discover the best elements of yourself.  Throughout your adventure and self expanding experiences, we provide insightful and educational coaching to support you on your journey . We create  unique opportunities in some of the most stunning and serene settings to help you to expand your perceptions of yourself and the world around you.