Western Wellness Adventures

Guided ventures to help you blaze a new path to a more Passionate, Fulfilling, and Courageous Life


Western Wellness Adventures invites you to open a whole new paradigm in your life’s journey.  This is your opportunity to be a catalyst for your own personal change and inner growth.  Through our riveting adventures and insightful coaching programs, we challenge you to open your mind to new  ways of perceiving yourself and your world around you.  You are provided an opportunity to interact with yourself in a way that takes you out of your comfort zone yet helps you discover new levels of courage, confidence and personal empowerment. Nothing facilitates profound change more than immersing yourself in new adventures and life-transforming experiences.


Horses are a symbol of freedom without restraint.  While riding, we connect with our horse and connect to our own freedom and power.


Through a nourishing interaction with nature we find the best physician, therapist and medicine for holistic balance and growth.


Wellness is created through healing from the inside out.  The ultimate wellness is finding balance in the body and mind, while freeing the spirit.


Western Wellness Adventures is a grass roots company offering innovative opportunities for transformation, re-connection and inner growth! Through adventure based experiences that challenge you physically, emotionally and mentally, you are provided the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone into a new paradigm and a deeper sense of self!


With the help of professional guides and facilitators, you are provided a safe, structured and supportive experience to help you to design a whole new and healthier perspective on yourself and the world around you.  We select stunning landscapes, innovative experiences and inspiring facilitators to assist you on your journey to self discovery.

Detach from the every day distractions of life and give to yourself the gift of journeying inward.  Make the greatest investment of your life by investing in you!



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