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Un-Bridling & Re-Wilding

July 30, 2019 @ 3:00 PM - August 9, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

Un-Bridling & Re-Wilding

July 28th – August 7th, 2020

11 Day Western Wellness Adventure $6,900

Cody, Wyoming to Jackson, Wyoming

The mountains have a way of changing you in the most inspiring and empowering of ways.  They help you to honor your sense of adventure and wonder as well as exploring your strengths and weaknesses.  The crisp air, the mountain glades, the crackling of the camp fire; all find a way to heal and help you to discover the silence within while inviting you to that wild part within yourself.


Western Wellness Adventures invites you on an epic riding adventure that will take you through some of the most stunning and inspiring country. This adventure will be journey by horseback with pack mules from Cody, Wyoming to Jackson, Wyoming. Throughout the journey we will be traversing along the boundaries of Yellowstone Park, navigating two mountain passes and taking in the splendor of the mountain meadows and high glacier lakes.  Your journey will be supported by insightful guidance that will help you explore healthier and more productive ways to live a more fulfilling and passionate life.  The wilderness is a fountain of life and you will not emerge from the mountains the same.


We have designed this program for the more skilled to advanced rider.  You don’t need to be a horse whisperer yet having some familiarity and experience with riding is important.  This is not for beginners.  If you are unsure if your level of riding is adequate, please reach out to us and we would be more than happy to discuss the adventure with you.  These are mountain horses who know the terrain yet a little horsemanship skills is important for this Western Wellness Adventure.  Un-Bridling & Re-Wilding, is a combination of equine assisted learning, coaching for personal transformation, putting your horsemanship and endurance to the test, and discovering new and powerful aspects of yourself.


Prior to our departure on the pack trip and upon our return, we will be enjoying the hospitality of the Double R Ranch just outside of Cody.  This is a working horse ranch and the home of your horses and mules.  Accommodations at the ranch are bunk style and all part of the ranch experience.  The views from the ranch are breath-taking!  Transportation to and from the ranch from the Cody airport is included (there are additional fees for transportation from Billings, MT).  Wholesome meals will be provided throughout the adventure. 


When packing and camping in the mountains, we will be using Springbar tents, with two people per tent.  Hot showers will be available and the food never tasted so good as after a day of riding in the mountains. Dutch oven cooking at its finest.  We do travel with a satellite radio and have the capability to contact the Forest Service if necessary.


For the detailed itinerary of Un-Bridling & Re-Wilding click here

Payment, Deposit & Refund Policy

To reserve your space for Un-Bridling and Re-Wilding, we request that you fill out the following information form to help us to best prepare for your participation in this adventure. Spaces are limited so we require a security deposit of $2,000 to hold your space in the form of a money order, cashiers check, or personal check.  Upon receiving your deposit and reviewing your personal information form, we will send you a packet to best prepare you for your upcoming Western Wellness Adventure!


Please mail deposit and final payment to:

Western Wellness Adventures

PO Box 905

Cornville, AZ



The remaining balance of $4,900 is due 90 days prior to the first day of your program.  If the balance is not paid by the 90 day mark, the rate and your reserved spot cannot be guaranteed and the deposit will be forfeited.


Cancellation & Refunds– If you cancel 7 days after booking, you will be refunded in full.  If your cancellation is after the 7 days, your deposit is forfeited.  If you cancel 89-61 days prior to the beginning date of the adventure (May 2nd-May 30th), you will forfeit 50% of the total rate (or the full deposit if the full rate has not been paid).  If you cancel 60 days before the beginning date of the adventure (May 31st), you will forfeit 100% of the adventure rate.


  • All prices are quoted in USD.  Western Wellness Adventures is not responsible for fees due to currency exchange rates.
  • Our price does not include airfare and it is always suggested that you purchase cancellation insurance before buying a non-refundable ticket.
  • Should any medical conditions exist that may impact you or other peoples ability to fully participate in the program, please use discernment when deciding if this is the program for you. Western Wellness Adventures reserves the right to deny you to participate in our programs if we deem that your physical or mental condition is counter indicated due to you being unfit to participate or are a danger to yourself or others.
  • Should you have dietary concerns, we will do our best to accommodate yet this is not part of our contract and we are not liable for providing for these requests.  Individuals with extreme dietary needs are discouraged from participating in the pack trips.
  • We have an age limit of 21 and a weight limit of 250 lbs (the maximum weight our horses can carry).

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a therapeutic program?  Western Wellness Adventures is not a therapy program.  We are not a coaching program to assist you in moving from the present moment forward with the help of challenging adventure based journeys.  We not a mental health program or rehabilitation program.  Focus is on learning goals instead of treatment goals.


Is there an age limit?  We prefer that you be at least age 21. Exceptions to this policy can be discussed.  Our groups tend to be a wide array of ages.


Do I need to be physically fit to participate?  Being physically fit is not mandated yet it is highly suggested.  If exercise is not a part of your daily regiment, we suggest you incorporate it to build strength and endurance just prior to attending the program.


What if I have not been around horses before?  WWA will take into account your level of experience when pairing you with the appropriate horse and providing you with the support that you need to feel confident as a rider.  Some programs are for more advanced riders and this is indicated in the description.


What is Equine Assisted Learning?  EAL emerged in the world of wellness and healing over a century ago in the form of hyppotherapy (therapeutic riding).  People in the horse world began recognizing the interaction between people and horses to have a deep therapeutic impact for personal growth and as a result, the field of Equine Assisted Learning or Equine Assisted Psychotherapy was born. This relatively new field of personal growth emerged only a few decades ago yet has gained prominence and recognition in the healing arts.  Most of the work is done on the ground in the form of focused exercises that create an opportunity for interaction between clients and horses.  The facilitator assists the clients in developing a deeper understanding of the interaction and experience.

Working with horses adds a whole new dimension to self-exploration due to their sensitivity as prey animals and their highly tuned survival instincts.  Using their acute senses and intuition, horses will read the physical and emotional states of people around them and in turn will non-verbally reflect and mirror those emotions and energies back. ​When you can learn to listen and understand the language of horses, the feedback from the horses is honest and instant.


What do I need to bring?  For our pack trips, you will be provided with a list of essentials to bring once your registration process is complete.  All of the necessary equipment for camping, riding and packing will be provided.  Should you wish to wear headgear/helmet, you will need to provide this for yourself and are responsible for properly securing the helmet.  We recommend a SEI Certified ASTM Standard Equestrian Helmet.  Through the duration of the program, you will be responsible for securing the headgear on your head.


What is included in the pack trips?  You will be provided with transportation to and from the Cody Wyoming airport, as well as all of the transportation from the ranch to riding and packing destinations.  Should you wish to arrive early or stay later, WWA can suggest some accommodations in Cody yet will not be responsible for making reservations.  Should you wish to fly in to Billings, transportation can be arranged for an additional fee (it is approximately 2 hours from Billings, MT to Cody, WY).  You will be provided all meals and housing while participating in the selected program, including dinner on your first night and breakfast on the day of your departure.  Accommodations at the ranch are shared and when packing there will be two people per tent.


What shoes should I wear?  When riding in the mountains, out of courtesy and kindness to our horses, we walk down steeper inclines.  You can wear your cowboy boots yet make sure that they have good traction.  It is suggested that you wear well broken in hiking boots, just to be comfortable and to ensure that you have the right traction.


July 30, 2019 @ 3:00 PM
August 9, 2019 @ 10:00 AM